Mark and Beverly Pace

In 2018 my daughter decided she wanted her upcoming wedding to be at The Chapel at The Waters. My wife Beverly & I had been out there a few times to visit friends but had never really taken a tour of the entire neighborhood, and since we were coming out here regularly we decided to see as much as we could with each trip. We had lived in the same home in Montgomery for about 30 years. Each visit here reinforced in us that this was where we wanted to live. So we picked out a design that suited us, and got in touch with the realtor listed on one of the fliers we picked, Larry (LJ) Smith. When we had questions, he always had the right answers and was willing and ready to help us as a liaison between us and the builder, regularly checking with us to make sure the work was done right every step of the way. If it wasn’t just the way we wanted it, he immediately made certain that it was. LJ was a true friend to us and still is. We honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else. LJ still checks in regularly with us.