Krystal McDade

It was such a wonderful experience doing business with Steve Jerrett. His professionalism was extraordinary. We never felt any pressure. He made us feel as though he was totally on our side, looking out for us and made us feel safe in his care. Our business was desired and not just an obligation. Our entire family loved Steve. He became apart of the family. As you may be aware, selling a home and purchasing a new home is a stressful experience, but Steve had an amazing ability to bring peace and calm to the entire process, most likely due to his strong skills as a State Trooper. He hit the ground running. He would always say “On it”! He truly was on it. He worked so hard for us. No matter what we needed or asked, he had fantastic resources. They answered him within minutes. Nothing we asked of him ever seem to be an inconvenience. He made us feel like he was always available for us at any hour. He genuinely cared about our happiness. We will always and only do business with Steve. He was a Trooper for the State and now a Trooper for Real Estate!