Meta’s $800M Montgomery Data Center Announced

Meta, the powerhouse behind social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, has chosen Montgomery Alabama for a 715,000 square-foot AI optimized data center. Meta’s state-of-the-art campus will be part of their global infrastructure that helps bring Meta’s technologies and services to life. Once completed, the Montgomery Data Center will represent an investment of more than $800 million and support approximately 100 jobs

Meta expressed that Montgomery emerged as an outstanding choice for several reasons, including its excellent access to infrastructure and renewable energy, a robust talent pool, and the discovery of valuable community partners to advance their project. Once operational, the Montgomery Data Center will be optimized for Meta’s AI workloads and help people connect, build communities, and grow their businesses. It will be supported by 100% renewable energy through their investments in new renewable projects and it will achieve LEED Gold certification once it’s operational. This aligns perfectly with Montgomery’s forward-thinking spirit and the city’s efforts to embrace green initiatives. 

But it’s not just about infrastructure, Meta’s presence in Montgomery signifies a deeper connection to the community. The tech giant is dedicated to supporting local educational programs, fostering a new generation of tech-savvy individuals ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. 

As the new data center begins to take form, Montgomery is reaching new heights in terms of digital innovation and progress! The capital city region is not just embracing the future – it’s shaping it! With a forward-thinking mentality and a spirit of innovation that can’t be tamed, Montgomery is aligning itself with the groundbreaking technology at the heart of Meta’s data center. It’s high-tech, and it’s happening! 

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Source: Montgomery Chamber Communications and Governor’s Press Office