2023 Design Trends

Cozy comfort, functional office space and natural interiors are taking center stage in 2023’s design trends. We’re compiling our top five home and design trends below. Whether you’re looking to update your current space, or find a new one, this list may inspire your next move.

1. Home Office

Temporarily carving out a small space at the kitchen counter is no longer a solution. It looks like working from home is here to stay for many of us and that puts functional home office space at the top of our list for 2023 design trends. The pandemic changed how and where we work, pushing new home builders and remodelers to search for ways to fit home office space into the equation.

2. Cozier Comfort

Making your home feel warm and cozy is pretty important, especially now that many of us are spending more time at home. In building and renovation, creating natural light and installing warm neutral finishes help set the stage for the cozy oasis to come. Area rugs, warm lighting along with rich and tactile materials free of clutter will help create a relaxing space to call home.

3. Natural, Personalized Interiors

The natural look prevails! Homeowners want organic furnishings, live plants and warmer colors in the clay palette. During the pandemic, homeowners opted for cleaner, minimalist interiors to set a clear boundary between personal space and the outside world. They now want to return to a new form of nesting, through an accumulation of textiles, warmer colors, new hardware and fabrics for a welcoming, natural environment to live, work and play.

4. Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces should be an extension of the home. Since 2020, homeowners and builders have begun finding new ways to turn outdoor areas into home offices, staycation spots and gathering spaces. Folding and sliding glass doors, screened porches and comfy furnishings are the ticket to a refreshing outdoor space.

5. Accessible Amenities

A walkable community is one that creates a space for residents to live, work, learn, worship and play all within a short distance from home. Walkable neighborhoods and communities with amenities are growing in value almost everywhere. Green spaces, neighborhood parks and town centers are now just an extension of the home.