Custom-Built Home vs. Spec Home

Choosing between a spec home and a custom home is a decision that many homebuyers contemplate. There are differences in what you’re buying in terms of the quality, the timeline for construction, and the flexibility of the finishes.

Spec Homes

A “spec home” is a “speculative home”.  This is a home that is being built by
a home builder with the speculation that they will be able to sell it to a buyer
without deviating far from their initial concept and plan. The River Region
market is filled with spec homes and home builders tend to have a lot of

success selling homes that are already constructed. The quality of spec homes
all depends on the builder. Some spec homes are closer in quality to a custom
build and others are built similar to a factory would build a vehicle.  Builders
purchase wholesale parts, know exactly how much material to buy, and can
retain sub-contractors for multiple home – A builder is usually able to build
this type of spec at a lower cost because they are purchasing materials in

Custom Homes

  A custom home is somewhat different. This is a home that is constructed
and designed by the property owner, alongside the builder and/or realtor. A
custom builder is hired to build a new home based on the buyer’s ideas and
house plans. This gives the homeowner the flexibility to build exactly what
they are wanting. The quality of a custom home, again, depends on the
builder.  The process is somewhat different from a spec home. The custom
builder is likely to use some of the same contractors, the same building
inspector, and the same suppliers. You’ll likely have custom cabinetry, light
fixtures, appliances, colors, trim work, plumbing fixtures etc. This will give
you a full custom home.