Buying New Construction

Buying a new construction home provides an opportunity to start fresh. Some advantages include choosing custom features and finishe, fewer surprises and less maintenance costs, and energy efficiency with smart technology. 

There are three categories of new construction. A custom home starts with an empty lot. You hire an architect and a builder. A semi-custom is typically purchased from a developer with some leeway on finishes and design. Choices are more limited than with a custom home. And finally, a spec home is a prebuilt home that may allow you to select certain details and finishes, the paint colors and add-ons.

Steps for purchasing new construction:

·         Get pre-approved with a lender.

·         Hire a real estate agent. Our company’s roots are in new construction – Click here to learn more!

·         Research builders and neighborhoods.

·         Negotiate finishes and price.

·         Schedule an independent inspection.

Contact one of our agents to help you with selling or buying a new home.