Home Features for Pets

Many of us have an idea of what our “custom dream home” would look like! But, what do you think would be number one on your pet’s list? Our pets likely spend more time at home than any other member of the family, but their needs are often an afterthought in design. Here are a few simple ways that you could incorporate places for your pet to comfortably eat, sleep, and play in your home. But don’t stop there … fido definitely needs that automatic treat thrower to be installed as soon as possible.

Most pets want to be where we are. It’s a great idea to incorporate a place for them to eat into your kitchen design. This beautiful kitchen has a pet dining station right under the island. This little nook even has a custom backsplash! The removable bowls were a smart addition to allow for easy cleaning.

The snuggle is real, but sometimes we all need a little space. This home has a custom cutout in the main bedroom that leads to a snoozing oasis made just for pets! This area also creates a safe space for your pets to retreat, should they need to escape a thunderstorm or loud guests.

This yard space is a great place to play! The trees allow for ample shade, a must in the Alabama heat. Plus, pets have access to the screened porch, and the basement should bad weather show up while you’re away. A secure fence is also a must, especially if you’re in a suburban area that requires pets to be leashed.

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