Selling your home while you live in it

Listing your home while living in it may sound a bit cumbersome, but no worries! We have a few simple steps to help you keep your home show ready.

#1. Do A Deep Clean

Before listing it is important to do a deep clean of your home. Once your home is extra clean it will be much easier to maintain over the life of your listing. Set aside a weekend and get your hands dirty. Scrub from floor to ceiling, clean out closets and declutter as much as you can. In the long run, that will be less that you have to pack up once your home sells!

This deep clean will set the standard for how you want your home to look for showing appointments. After your deep clean is complete, keeping everything neat will just be a matter of doing the dishes daily and establishing a good schedule.

#2: Schedule and Assign

Once your home is tidy, sit the family down and create a schedule. You will want to create a block of time for washing the dishes, making the beds, and doing the laundry. These are the three hardest things to stay on top of when selling a home. If you set a schedule for them to be done every single day, it becomes quite easy.

Additionally, you will want at least 15 minutes scheduled out every night for family members to gather up their belongings and put them away. Finally, assign major cleaning chores, like windows, dusting, and vacuuming, for 2-3 times a week. All of this should leave your house sparkling throughout the long selling process.

#3: Hide Your Stuff

Keeping a house clear of clutter can be hard, especially if you have children. One of the most genius solutions we have seen sellers use is bins. As children, we all hid our stuff under the bed, but that won’t cut it when you are making a sale. What will? Hiding clutter under the bed, in opaque bins.

Obviously, we only encourage this for major time crunches, but having a place to hide a mess away is very helpful. Placing opaque bins under beds keeps the area looking tidy and provides a nice hideaway!

There you have it: three easy steps to keeping a clean home while it is on the market! It really isn’t as much work as you think it is – the main key is sticking to it. If you are successful in keeping a clean home, you could even make more money. Statistics have shown that a clean home can boost the price of a home by an average of $2,000! That is pretty encouraging, right?

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