Tips for Working at Home

Considering recent events happening around the world, many of us are making the necessary decision to work from home. Although this can be a challenging break from routine, we are focused on embracing the change and looking for ways to be even more productive! Here are 10 tips that we’ve compiled to make your “work from home” experience a little less stressful.

  • Start the morning with an outdoor activity

Waking up and going straight to your home office probably won’t feel ideal. We suggest starting the morning with an outdoor activity to freshen your perspective for the day. A morning walk or coffee on the porch may become a regular routine!

  • Shower and dress as usual

Many of us dream of lounging in our PJs all day. BUT, when you must work from home, this may not be the best approach. Studies have shown that “dressing for success” is just that. Many people find that they are more productive when they have on the appropriate attire, whether they’re working from home or not. In summary, wake up and put on your fancy pants. It’ll make you feel better!

  • Take a few minutes for breakfast … or whatever

Now that you’ve been outside and are ready to start the day, take a few more minutes to make sure you’re fueled up for the morning. A light breakfast, or smoothie, could be the perfect way to help you power through until lunchtime, and prevent snacking … since your pantry is right around the corner.

  • Turn on your favorite playlist

Working from home is obviously totally different from being in your traditional office setting. Instead of the steady hum of computers, and chatter from your co-workers, you may be completely alone … or your children may be playing in the background. To break up this change in audio scenery, turn on your favorite playlist! This will help keep you motivated and drown out noises that you aren’t used to hearing during your normal workday.

  • Designate a workspace

Many of us will probably be tempted to work from bed during this time. But, that’s probably not the best idea! Believe it or not, posture plays a big role in our productivity. Designate a space at home to act as your designated workspace. If you don’t have a home office, the kitchen table or island would be perfect. Take a few minutes to set up your computer and gather any supplies that you may need. Having your work tools handy will keep you from getting distracted.

  • Establish a communication plan

While working from home, communication with your immediate supervisor and co-workers is necessary! Keep a list of tasks that you’ve accomplished, send those emails and make sure that everyone stays informed. Utilizing online tools like Skype and Basecamp will help keep meetings and projects moving. And, if you’re missing your office buddy, send them a quick hello. Chances are, they’re missing you, too!

  • Make a to-do list for the day

It so important to establish a to-do list when you’re working at home. Take a moment before you start working and make a list of things you want to accomplish THAT day. This will help you stay motivated, and possibly away from the distraction of household chores. And, who doesn’t love checking off a list?!

  • Schedule breaks

Make sure to schedule time to break away from your designated workspace. A 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon are the perfect opportunities to step outside. Also, make sure to take an hour for lunch to prevent those afternoon munchies. Because, again, why is the pantry so darn close? 

  • Stop working at your normal time

A natural inclination may be to work overtime. After all, you’re already at home and set up. But, to prevent stress and burnout, it’s so important to try to end your workday at your normally designated time.

  • End the day with an outdoor activity

End your day just like you started, step outside. This will help your brain function out of work mode, and into home mode.

We hope these 10 steps will help you as you transition to working from home! And remember, we’re all in this together. We may be social distancing, but we can still pick up the phone and talk it out with others!