Deck the Halls

Our New Waters Realty REACT team had a great day partnering with our friends at ARC Realty o deck the halls at Brantwood Children’s Home!

Thanks to all of our wonderful agents for dedicating their time to “Deck the Halls” at Brantwood, and thanks to the team at Brantwood for allowing us to visit for the day!

The REACT, REALTORS® in Action Launch initiative was launched in August 2019. New Waters Realty and ARC Realty have a long history of supporting local organizations, from the ongoing financial support of the new Pike Road school system to Habitat for Humanity and fundraisers for Montgomery education. REACT is an organized vehicle for channeling the companies’ efforts for maximum impact, and REALTORS® and friends can join the REACT Team for specific hands-on service projects and other initiatives throughout the year.

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